Sunday, 14 March 2010

Taking a workshop

I run Make and Take Workshops together with my very good friend and fellow crafter, Hazel. I teach silk painting and Hazel teaches pewter embossing (on different days!) The way we run them is for the tutor (me or Hazel) to take the workshop with the other doing the tea and biscuit runs and also to join in with the make with the rest of the students. This way we have a real feeling of each others craft and what it entails which helps when we are selling each others work at craft events. It also makes us realise why we do the craft we do and what draws us to it.
I decided to take the idea of working from a photo into a workshop, so we booked a village hall, sent out details to our mailing list and geared up for the day ahead. Workshops are always fascinating to take part in, whether you're the tutor or student. I'm always amazed at the results, some from students that have never painted before.
Here are a few photos of the students work taken on the day.
The nice thing also was one student, Jenny, bringing her painted silk back to show us, framed up and saying that she was proud to hang it on her wall. That's a result!


  1. Thanks Charlotte, I enjoy seeing the diverse work of the students we have in our workshops. It's lovely when someone turns a piece of white silk into something they are proud to have achieved.

  2. These look really pretty

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