Friday, 12 March 2010

Off to the coast

After all that cake what better way to walk it off than with a trip to the coast? I mean the stark beauty of the north Norfolk coast, bracing in all it's glory. Every summer for the past four years I have exhibited at Blakeney for a month and like to take the opportunity to explore and take pics. Some I turn into photographic cards, sometimes I use the photos as a springboard for silk painting. This photo of Holme-next-the-Sea inspired one of my silk paintings...
After stretching and pinning the silk on a frame, I used a silver outliner to put in the definitions of the shapes that I wanted to create.
 Using the photo as a guide (and with a lot of artistic license!) I painted the silk using iron fix paints, these are similar to a let-down acrylic and flow beautifully. The foreground was given some texture by adding salt to wet paint and letting the salt absorb the colour creating patterns on the silk.
The finished painting.
Notecard made using recycled card and a photograph of the silk painting.

I've found other Folksy sellers who are also inspired by Norfolk! Here they are -
Linoprint by Ed Boxall

Linoprint by Fiona Carver

Wood engraving by the Lapwing Printworks
 Teacup ride at Cromer greetings card by I like


  1. i find it very fasinating seeing how people arrive at their design, your card is beautiful, lovely post jo x

  2. yes i find it really interesting to find out peoples processes as well, very inspiring post x

  3. Thanks Sooziebee, I like to see how other people work too, I find sketchbooks often more interesting than the finished product.