Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pass the salt please!

One technique that I have always used from the word go is the application of salt to move the paint around the silk to create patterning. You can use any type of salt, the following pics show the results using coarse sea salt. Finer table salt will give less dramatic patterning but will be equally unique. After applying paint the salt must be placed while the paint is still wet but not flooding. You then leave the whole frame to dry naturally making sure that the frame is not disturbed. When dry brush off the salt, fix the silk and then wash to remove all traces of salt.
Frame showing the salt applied to wet paint.
The patterning increases dramatically the longer that the salt is left to work.
The finished silk taken off the frame, salt removed, fixed and washed ready to use.
I used the silk pieces for my silk fronted notebooks.


  1. Really beautiful! I like seeing peoples' work in progress and results. I used salt when producing patterned paper when my kids were younger - I think we were a bit heavy handed!