Thursday, 15 April 2010

Join a craft guild

A craft guild is a fantastic organisation to belong to if you are a designer and creator. Self-regulated with a committee of members ensures that a high standard of workmanship is maintained. I belong to two craft guilds in Norfolk, the Norfolk Craft Guild and the Blakeney Craft Guild. Both offer opportunities to exhibit in good locations at an affordable cost with the support that a guild has at its heart. 
You must be willing to participate in the activities that a guild organises, sit on the committee if invited, and enjoy the social events that are planned. I have been a member of the Norfolk Craft Guild for some years now, having first been the newsletter editor and am currently the membership secretary. We have seen an increase in the number of designer makers applying for the guild lately, word must be getting around that it's good to share!
There are a number of guilds listed on the Craft and Design magazine website pages, find them here.
I have included work by some of the members of the Norfolk Craft Guild which show a diverse range of craft skills.

Rosie Hart Julie Hurst
Peter Kingsland Hazel Aldridge
Alan Lansdell Suzanne Lake
1. Rosie Hart - Ceramics
2. Julie Hurst - Raffia hats
3. Peter Kingsland - Wooden toys
4. Hazel Aldridge - Pewter embossing
5. Alan Lansdell - Glass engraving
6. Suzanne Lake - Wooden home decor

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